Remington F5 5800 Electric Shaver

General Description

There are moments in which you thought that you had finally cleaned off all the hair on your chin, but it still ended up stubbly and unevenly shaven. Well, now that the Remington F5-5800 is around, we can now finally apply frothing on our jaws and never worry about a stubbly outcome anymore. Due to its pivot and flex features, shaving becomes 97% more efficient and flexible as its razor glides and adjusts smoothly on the skin’s surface.


  • Interceptor Shaving Technology

Because such technology is integrated in the Remington F5 5800 shaver, efficient shaving is promised to you once you use this awesome tool.

  • Designed for easy washing

We all know how frustrating it is to clean those accumulated hair in our razors. However, with the Remington F5 5800, by just simply running water over its body, the stubborn hair will easily slide off, leaving you with a clean shaver ready for use.

Remington F5 5800 Electric Shaver

  • Using with or without the cord

You can now shave without thinking too much about yanking the cord.

  • Battery operated

As long as you keep the battery full, you can already shave anytime and anywhere you want.

  • LED signals

This convenient shaver will indicate you that its battery is too low for using by showing you LED powered lights as your guide.

  • Detail Trimmer

Known as a flexible shaver, this razor is very good not just with your typical shaving session, but it is also great with detailed trims like the moustache, sideburns, and the nape.

Remington F5 5800 Electric Shaver

  • Power voltages

Running this shaver wouldn’t be a hard thing to do because it’s very flexible when it comes to power voltages.

  • Size and weight

It is light and not that bulky as compared to other razors. Plus, this comes with a bag wherein you could store the shaver wherever you go.


  • It is a very effective shaver as compared to the typical ones. Because of its interceptor shaving technology, shaving is very thorough indeed.
  • You can shave anywhere in the house because of its cordless nature.
  • Very comfortable to the grip, and it is very easy to bring.


  • Shaving disruptions due to short-timed battery charges may not be something pleasant to experience. Once you are expecting it to be done right away, you wouldn’t want to have half of your chin still covered with froth while the other is shaven clean.


When it comes to good shaving, this shaver is a must have because it has that flex feature wherein it adjusts to any spot on the face, leaving us with a very smooth outcome. Also, when talking about inexpensive razors with amazing effectiveness, this is truly the one. Who wouldn’t want a shaver that is very handy and convenient with just the right amount tagged on it? As long as you are going to charge the Remington F5 5800 electric shaver to its full capacity, nothing will ever stop and disturb you once you shave yourself to slickness.


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